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2020 Newsletter – July

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News & Updates

We are continuing to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic as it evolves and we are concerned about what seems to be the emergence of spiking cases in certain parts of the country. As, states, municipalities, and businesses start to open in your area, please note that we will continue to keep our office closed to in-person visits except by appointment only. We are doing this in an abundance of caution and concern for both our resident’s and our employee’s safety.

We want to continue providing you with as much information as possible about our efforts to help keep our residents, guests, and team members safe and healthy.


July 4th Holiday

The July 4th holiday weekend is just around the corner and while we encourage everyone to celebrate with family and friends, we want to remind everyone to be safe.

While fireworks are exciting to watch, they present a danger to the community and residents. They present a fire risk and the noise can cause disruption, and even trauma, to neighbors and their pets.

Fireworks, of any sorts are not permitted within the community as part of our community standards and local regulations. These standards are enforced for the safety of all our residents so that everyone can enjoy the holiday weekend peacefully.

We hope you and any guests will enjoy the holiday weekend. We thank you and your guests for your cooperation with our community standards. Have very safe and fun Independence Day weekend!

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Homeowner Tips

Flush water heater. Many cities have very hard water causing hard water deposits to form in your water heater. This leads to inefficient water heating making it necessary to flush the water heater. Flushing the water heater should be done by a professional.

Change the A/C filter.

Inspect and repair underbelly.While checking the underbelly, patch any holes you find with an underbelly material which can be bought from Atlas Supply. Take a piece a little larger than the hole, use spray-on contact cement to secure the patch.

Inspect A/C and Heating crossover ducts.Multi-section homes have a 10” or 12” crossover duct that connects the ducting systems underneath your home. Keep these taped, connected and off the ground.

Inspect and repair your mobile home skirting.Whatever type of skirting you have, keep it maintained. It is important for energy efficiency and to keep animals from living under your home.

Each month we feature a tip for homeowners that can help you maintain your home all year long.   Please remember to get professional assistance for any repairs or projects that you are not equipped to do safely. 

Have a FUN & SAFE holiday weekend!

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