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2020 Newsletter – June

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Community Offices

We wanted to say “thank you” to all of our residents for being understanding and patient with us during the Covid office closures. 

While our offices remain closed, we are planning, preparing equipment, and establishing guidelines to begin to safely and carefully reopen our community offices.  This also includes plans to reopen community common areas and amenities.  

Give Yourself a Treat!

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and icy treats that keep you cool.  These cold treats are easy and delicious whether you are a kid or simply still a kid at heart. 



Making homemade fruity popsicles is super easy for a quick frozen treat.  You can use a variety of juices or pureed fruits to keep cool this summer.  Go with favorites like lemonade or straberry, or mix things up with different fruits and juices. 

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Ice Cream

You can make your favorite creamy treat at home with this recipe. Go fo classics, like vanilla and chocolate, or try something different by mixing in fruits or nuts. 

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Homeowner Tips

Check your AC unit:
Wether you have a central air unit or a wall unit, checking your system is important each year.  This is especially true as we move into summer months.  If you think your AC is not functioning optimally, seek professional help.  We can even recommend repair services in your area if needed.  A broken AC will definitely put a damper on your summer, so make sure you are set to stay cool in the summer heat.

Clean & check your refrigerator:
Clean your fridge inside and out so that your summer can be full of cold summer drinks and treats.   Take out all foods and shelves to ensure a complete clean.  Adjust the temperature settings to make sure your fridge stays cold but isn’t overworking itself.  Don’t forget to clear dust from underneath and behind your fridge, too much dust around the condenser coils can decrease the performance of your refrigerator.  Unplug your fridge for safety when cleaning. 

Each month we feature a tip for homeowners that can help you maintain your home all year long.   Please remember to get professional assistance for any repairs or projects that you are not equipped to do safely. 



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