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2020 Newsletter – May

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Warmer weather has arrived and Spring is the time for games in the yard, deck gardens and more.  It can be a wonderful mood boost to grow and tend to plants and gardens.  


Deck Gardening Ideas


Container Gardening

Think you don’t have garden space?  Think again!  Container gardening can create a versitile garden for flower, fruites, vegetables and herbs.  Create a colorful green space on your deck or in your yard.

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Deck Vegetable Garden

Did you know tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans, and herbs make great plants for growing in pots.

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Best Flowers for Containers

Million Bells, Verbena, Browallia, Cape Daisy, Petunia, and Pentas are just some of the colorful flowers that grow well in containers with lots of sunlight. 

Check with your local garden center on the best flowers for your local area and climate.

Getting Warm?  Tips to Stay Cool



Homeowner Tips

Inspect the seal of exterior doors and windows and exterior siding.
Caulk exterior doors, windows and exterior hardboard siding. Use clear silicone if you will not paint or a paint-able caulk if you will. Caulk small holes or cracks of vinyl siding with silicone, or replace sections of siding that are heavily damaged.  Check window and door seals seals, and replace strips if needed.

Inspect and tighten screws in your metal siding.
Be sure to tighten any ¼” hex screws that are coming loose on your metal sided home.

Each month we feature a tip for homeowners that can help you maintain your home all year long.   Please remember to get professional assistance for any repairs or projects that you are not equipped to do safely. 


Have a Great May!

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