Why a Manufactured Home May Be Right For You

As the cost of all forms of housing has continued to rise, Americans are looking for affordable alternatives to traditional site-built homes to achieve their dreams of homeownership.
Manufactured housing has transformed over the past few decades, both in building code and style. When you think of a manufactured home, you probably think “trailers” or mobile homes, which are definitely a thing of the past. In 1976, the HUD Code established standards to improve manufactured home building requirements for:

· Design and construction
· Body and frame requirements
· Thermal protection
· Plumbing and electrical
· Fire safety
· Energy efficiency

Manufactured home builders have continued to develop materials and manufacturing processes that dramatically changed manufactured homes. Manufactured homes offer buyers options that are both affordable and beautiful, incorporating quality interior and exterior Design with modern features that home buyers want most.
Manufacturers are using many of the same high-quality, trusted brands used in more traditional site-built homes, while building homes indoors and away from the elements, under controlled conditions that result in a superior product at an affordable price.
Why Manufactured Housing is on The Rise as a Smart Housing Option
A streamlined process makes it possible to build each home efficiently – saving time and money. Those savings are then passed on to the home buyer. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute®, in 2016, the average price of a new manufactured home $70,600. This represents a 75% savings over the $286,814 national average of a new site-built home.
Manufactured homes are a smarter option for several reasons, including:

· Materials bought in bulk – with savings passed on to the home buyer
· Less waste 
· Savings on labor costs 2
· Energy saving options – available upgraded Low-E windows allow homeowners to save money on utility bills.

In 2017, manufactured home builders and providers played an essential role in getting 22 million people in a new home they could afford and own. Manufactured housing is on the rise as an affordable housing solution. 
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