Our Mission

We serve our residents by providing affordable living in communities that enrich their lives.

Every Strive Community is about the people who make it their home. At Strive, we strive to place our residents at the center of everything we do, and we strive to build and operate affordable communities our residents are proud to call home.

Resident Service Commitments

Our residents are at the center of everything we do, from the communities we build to the amenities we offer to the
resident events we host all year long. For the benefit of our
valued residents, we strive to do the following.

icon Clean

Create Clean and Attractive Communities

We seek every opportunity to partner with our residents to provide clean and attractive communities and to maintain the highest community appearance standards.

icon CreatePaths

Create Paths to Homeownership

We think creatively to offer our residents easy and unique pathways to homeownership.

icon Community

Foster a Sense of Community Among Neighbors

We create communities where neighbors become friends and memories are made.

icon Service

Provide Prompt and Excellent Service

We believe our residents deserve the highest level of service. We respect our residents and treat them with dignity, kindness, and gratitude.

icon growth

Continually Improve our Communities and Service Delivery

We grow and evolve by listening to our residents and seeking new ways to better serve them.

icon offer enriching

Offer Enriching Programs and Amenities

We listen to what’s important to our residents and seek to offer amenities and programs that enrich their lives.

icon listenLEarn

Listen to and Learn from our Residents

We work to view things from our residents’ perspectives. We always listen, maintain an open mind, and work efficiently to solve problems.

Resident Service Commitments

logo home improvement

We take pride in our community, and we want to help our residents do the same. The Home Improvement Partnership Program is designed to partner with qualified resident-homeowners and help them get repairs to their homes completed now, then allow them to pay us back over time, interest-free, with terms that work for them.

Popular Projects Include


New skirting or skirting repairs


New deck or ramp repairs


Window replacement